Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winter beauty

As some of you know my family and I spent our 'Christmas Holidays' in Oregon, catching up on five years gone by(for those of you who don't know me my partner is from Oregon).
While back visiting I of course had my camera, I have already shared some on the blog and said there were more to here are some more.
It's actually the time of year in Christchurch here in NZ that brought these photos to mind for my next post.
Of the times I have visited our family in Oregon it has mostly been in the winter months, This time of the year makes me think about all our family and friends in Oregon.
We are not yet this thick into season, but the colours of the trees like the maple and oak as they change colour are quite breath taking and I find myself thinking how perfect the backdrop is at this time of the year and how beautiful the backdrop was there.
The ground is still embellished with leaves of reds and browns.

This makes me look forward to winter, if it's not raining you can't beat the light, and the colours are beautiful, as the seasons change.

-thank-you guys for being so beautiful xxx

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