Thursday, April 3, 2014

Senior/Year book Photography

We are not yet too familiar in New Zealand with 'Senior Portraits'
American's- particularly in the mid north west- are very familiar with this concept.
American Seniors (older high school students) have the opportunity to bring a professional photograph of themselves as the photo for their school year book! 
How GREAT would that be, to choose your own image rather than just use the generic school photo.
This not only gives the student control over the image( used to place them historically in their year book), but also allows them to be creative and show more of their own personality.
This is a great opportunity in these young adults life, finding that image they feel best sums them up at this stage in their lives.
It's kinda like telling the world who YOU think you are- or perhaps that image you project, but either way it says something!
As a NZder I wish we had done this at school, I got stuck with the goofy generic shot- I think we all did then? 
It's that stage where we are all full of potential and hope, it's a new beginning a statement photo to say; this is who I became at school and this is the person ready to leave and take on the world! 
That is why I was so happy while in the pacific north west earlier in the year, to have the chance to take some real American style Senior photos.

I mean where better to go? 

My niece Baileigh was probably a year younger than the usual age for the 'senior' age group, but we had a lot of fun playing around and doing a 'senior' style shoot (Never on holiday :))

It's a fun shoot and it should be, it celebrates so much.

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