Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mummy LOVE

What a great time we all had on this shoot in Hagely Park here in Christchurch, a warm early Autumn day with great light and colours for family photography.
Mothers Day is coming up! and these guys were showing a lot of 'Mummy love' you could see the closeness and feel the love and there is nothing quite like 'Mummy love' getting Mummy hugs or a kiss on a hurt. The warmth and safe feeling you get from your mothers embrace and watching these guys all interact was a real treat for me and getting to capture it was amazing!
Mum soon became the prop for this family photography session as no one wanted to lay on the ground, but were more than happy to be supported and cushioned by their Mum, who I must say was more than happy to play portable seat for the day :) and what a fantastic prop She made and how apt after all we are here to support and prop the little ones up every now and then :)

There were lots of cuddles and kisses on this sweet wee Autumn day and Mum made the best seat in the house or should I say park.
This is a special bond and it's always a delight to see the closeness and richness of family, thanks for a great day guys and for sharing your love

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