Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Models

These too gorgeous girls came out on a photo shoot to help friends of their family with their photo shoot, by entertaining them and showing them how to pose. They were very good at both, so of course I couldn't resist photographing them too!
They loved the camera and getting their photos taken, and it showed.
It's always a real treat to photograph people that love being in front of a camera, they look so relaxed and felt so special, like a wee movie star or model and I realized how wonderful it was for the confidence of young children to have all the attention of the camera and feel that special kind of feel that a photo shoot can give.
Big sister had just got new contact lenses and was enjoying not having glasses so this was indeed what she needed for a wee confidence boost. And it really tickled my heart to hear that she told her mother on her way home that day, that she would like to be a model when she grew up :) It showed how relaxed she was with our wee shoot and how special I had made her feel, and that is beautiful, and their photographs I think reflect just how much they enjoyed themselves and how comfortable they were with me. That I love, I want people to enjoy the whole experience, not just the finished product, but to embrace the day and come away feeling,well, rather special.
And these too were rather special, and a real joy,

and eventually little brother even felt comfortable enough to join in.... oh joy! it was fun!!!!

What a fantastically fun day we had! I just love just how relaxed they are with the camera and having their photos taken and how much fun we all had!
Thank-you for sharing your day with me :)

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