Monday, February 24, 2014

Cousin time

This year I have decided to get into my blog more. In the past I haven't really given the blog the attention it deserves. I have decided to aim for a once a week update and thought that there is no better way to start of this years blogging attempt with our much over due visit to my partners family in Oregon.
Oregon is the other side of the World for us, and for our Christmas and New year we decided that 5 years of not seeing family was way too long and that it was time for us to make the trip back.
I'm a Christchurch girl and we are now a Christchurch family, living as you do in Christchurch for better or worse, through every tremor - this was the longest we'd been away since all our earthquakes had begun and it was also a very over due trip.
I couldn't help but make the most of the beautiful scenery in the Oregon Mountain town that my partners mother lives in, and opportunity to capture cousins that though haven't seen each other in 5 long years are still so connected.They played and enjoyed each other as if the 5 years had never kept them apart.
The bonds of family are so strong and beautiful.

The light was perfect, If only we could get this light in Canterbury! I'd be out all day long in it. 
I got to spend a great deal of time with my cousins growing up- and still do they are some of my best friends, who I can always go to and rely on and I would go to the ends of the earth for them. Which is why I place such importance on this bond and I was so glad that they had this time together.

They had such a great time catching up with each other and have not only brought back some lovely memories but were also given the time to renew their connections with each other.
It is hard when you live the other side of the world from family, there is so much that can happen from a distance and in 5 years. Children grow, people get older and some are not with us, our families are so important to us, we know that even though they are so far away they will always be connected in our hearts, and next time we won't wait 5 years.
I also couldn't resist getting a couple of my two against this majestic backdrop :)

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