Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Photography with Oscar

I love photographing babies! And after a few sessions with active toddlers you soon forget how simple things were before they got that active!
 I thrive on the energy of an active child shoot, but had not thought about the calmness of a pre-crawling baby shoot. Oscar was a particularly clam baby in fact, starting out with a wee snack from Mum he was ready to go.

A little bit of tummy time :)
Look at those big blue eyes pop! taking in the world and melting hearts.
A little shoot like this takes less than an hour too that includes a couple of wardrobe changes as well :)

This shoot with Oscar inspired me to work on something new and exciting for baby and new born  photography and hopefully it will be all ready in just a month or two. Feelin; excited!

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