Friday, May 4, 2012

Christchurch photography session with Grace

Wee Grace, a fun loving preschool kid, this was what we photographers like to call a 'mini' session 20 minutes max is all it takes and even a very busy preschool child  pauses long enough for just that moment.
We decided to do the photos around Grace's home, it's where she feels comfortable and relaxed, we played and chatted and took some great relaxed portraits, and Grace had a good time too!!

I love the connection you make with subject and camera, I love those moments of joy that comes from these quick wee sessions, you can see how relaxed we both are and there is a wonderful connection that at times can take your breath away. The wow factor that makes you as the photographer whisper to yourself, this is why I do this, moments of joy and expression to treasure forever, giving families lasting memories they will proudly display and keep, I find myself only wanting to give people the best for their family photography, mainly because I expect this of myself when photographing my own family, and I will keep going until I know I HAVE IT!!!
It is a special treat to be invited into peoples lives for a day, and to record that life in a way that is familiar to them and best represents them. I'm not saying that it is easy, because it really isn't I guess even when you have a natural 'eye' for it, I find myself pressuring myself for the best I can do everytime, mainly because I want to give people the very best and who would settle for less?
I think Child Photography can be amongst the most rewarding, they are not yet at this young age worried or conscious of their image, they do like a wee look on the LCD display however which usually gets a wee giggle and encourages them to do more photos.
I always indulge the children in their photo sessions with letting them decide on some poses, it helps get them into the session and also lets them have the sense of control over  the session, also sometimes we play you chose something then I choose something, Grace decided it would be quite good to hug trees :)

Thanks it was a great wee session!

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